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junjo romantica ! I love this show and I really hope there will be a fourth season. the three main love stories are ...

the main love story <3 misaki and usagi !!! usagi is misaki's older brothers best friend, they went to high school together and usagi ended up falling for him, but takahiro was straight and was about to get married. how misaki and usagi became lovers well, misaki needed a tutor and takahiro suggested usagi and after misaki visits his place one time everything changes !

the second love story <3 nowaki and hiroki ! how they meet, well nowaki first mets hiroki in the park but hiroki is crying by himself and he's crying because he fell in love with usagi but usagi loved takahiro ! :O so what does nowaki do ? he brings him over to his friends and they get to know each other. when nowaki comes to hirokis house usagi decides to make an unexpected stop by hirokis, nowaki notices how hiroki is acting because of usagi so he takes him away and confesses !

the third love story <3 miyagi and shinobu ! now this is an interesting one, how do they know each other ? first off miyagi is shinobu brother in law !!! he married is sister but a few years later they get a divorce and so shinobu takes his chance and confesses his Love! but wait miyagi thought shinobu hated him and so he tells him he's not interested, but shinobu tells him he needs to take responsibility ! but for what ?! shinobu says its fate ! the first time he sees miyagi is in the library, but they don't actually interact but every time shinobu is there so is miyagi ! is it fate ?!? later on shinobu runs into some trouble at the subway, some people start trying to pick a fight, but guess who intervenes !? miyagi to the rescue, so by this moment shinobu is convinced it's fate, but he doesn't know miyagi is about to be his brother in-law, after they marry shinobu moves to Australia and after being there for a couple of years he finds out miyagi and his sister get a divorce! he almost gave up but fate prevails !

konnichiwa ! my name is Carissa and I live, breath and sleep anything Japanese ! I watch anime more then anything , so that got me to want to learn Japanese ! I'd like to move there one day (: my favorite animes are sailor Moon , naruto , fairy tail , hunter x hunter and junjo romantica !
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