Hulk Movie? Yay or nay?


Hulk SMASH.... the box office.

At least, that's what we'd hope. But The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton barely made back the production costs (grossing $134 million domestically when it cost $150 million to produce). That's actually less than the 2005 Fantastic Four film, and its opening weekend was actually less impressive than the 2003 Eric Bana Hulk film.


That's what it seems like anyway.

Why hasn't anyone been able to get it together and bring us a Hulk movie that hits it out of the ballpark?


There's too much potential to give up now.

World War Hulk, Planet Hulk- heck, a kick-ass Jennifer Walters She-Hulk movie would be totally awesome.@robmiller@thefeels@MailayasiaTyler@RoninGaijin@knuckles0716@AbelLara@KZillion@Beastboy93@lanejlzero@AndresVilla@AlishiaDavis@Rafamike@JuanGonzalez101@LilianaWolf@sweetascandy@JasonHenderson@BrentHanes@SanitAssassin@ErushiBunny@bud113@PrinceCampbell@MatthewPack@MrsTesterman@VeronicaArtino@loftonc16@JacFrizza@DigitalJediX@OGv6FATE@kuzuri96@MoisEsGaray@isaacAponte@ConnerThompson seriously it feels like being a Hulk fan sometimes is super disappointing.

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