United out of the League Cup at the hands of...


This is why I love English football.

The top teams are in so many competitions that they sometimes lose focus. Maybe that means drawing at home to lowly Sunderland, or dropping points away to Villa in the league. Maybe it means coming up short in the Champions League.

For Manchester United, a slip in concentration meant that they are now out of the League Cup. They lost on penalties to Middlesbrough yesterday.

I think United are an excellent side this year. They have been playing some excellent football in the league.

But yesterday they slipped, and they paid for it.

Wayne Rooney continued his horrible form and has been out of sorts for months now. Is it time for Louis van Gaal to consider dropping his superstar?

I say maybe, even if only for a short while.

Credit to Middlesbrough, though. They took advantage of a vulnerable favorite.

Could we be seeing Middlesbrough for a few more matches in the League Cup? Maybe.

For United it will be back to the drawing board as they take on Crystal Palace in the league this weekend.

Palace are my favorite team but they have been in bad form recently, and lost this week to Manchester City in the League Cup 4-0.

It should be a great match. Will anyone be watching? I know I will!

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