Japanese Grammar です

You may use "desu" (pronounced just "des") if you want to tell somebody something about a subject or about yourself. An example may be "My major is psychology" or "It is 9 o'clock"

You can translate です as "it is..."


Note: In Japanese you can often leave out the subject if it is obvious.



Note: "desu" can also be translated as "am."


I'm in my first semester of studying Japanese as a college student and am by no means a master. I'm really just a beginner.

So please let me know if you think anything in this card is misleading or simply left out!

There is a lot of great content being put up on this site to help people with Japanese phrases and vocabulary but I thought we could use some grammar in there too! Let me know if you found this helpful and I'll try to put up more.

Also try leaving a simple comment in Japanese using です! Maybe tell us your name or where you're from or what you do. Practice makes perfect!

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