The Actress

my life is changing ever faster No signs of happy ever after As halls ring with ironic laughter I applaud her as a clapper For she came upwards like the curtain  And though I knew I was uncertain Of the murmurs that she hurt men Purple curtain, purple curtain And now no doubt I thrill her As myself I know I feel her And the thrust can't be more clearer As she opens like theatre and now the act is ending Through the knowing signs shes sending And our souls as one are blending Knowing now Ha! Shes pretending But in awe not to offend me While with three sad sisters listening As I awake from in my slumber Herein which I found my blunder "madam"i ask"your number" To a window open to summer... I look around to see the odd No furniture, chairs, or signs of god As eden no dust,or dirt or fod I raise my hands and slowly applaud...

just that dude...that really loves stuff that's not true
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