How Your Favorite Avengers Die

1. HAWKEYE: "HOUSE OF M #7 (2005)"

His first death is through sacrifice. Scarlet Witch, driven crazy by her powers, makes a spacecraft to appear over the skies of New York. Returned from a previous death in the House of M dimension created by the insane Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye goes on a suicide run against his former ally and is broken down into nothing.

Why It Makes the List: The first death of Clint Barton rocked the Avengers so hard that the venerable team disassembled in its wake. When Hawkeye reappeared in the House of M alternate universe created by his erstwhile killer, many of his peers were overwhelmed by confusion or sadness, but the Avenging Archer remained focus, lunging at the person he viewed as responsible for the tragedy in both his life and those he cared for: The Scarlet Witch. Despite being hopelessly outmatched, Clint flung himself at his one-time teammate as he had so many powerful opponents in the past, but this time found himself on the losing end-yet given a third lease on life for his heroism.


When It Happened: THOR #85 (2004)

What Went Down: Rebelling against the nigh-omnipotent Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, Thor breaks the cycle of Ragnarok, sending his fellow Asgardians to new lives on Earth and vanishing himself.

Why It Makes the List: All Asgardians live with the instilled knowledge that someday they will perish in the violent glory of Ragnarok, ending their immortal existence in defense of the Golden Realm. However, only Thor was shrewd enough to notice that Ragnarok had come and gone several times with many of his friends and family sacrificing their lives only to pop back up later. The God of Thunder discovered the true nature of his people's twilight and how Those Who Sit Above in Shadow had orchestrated a never-ending cycle of tragedy to feed their own power. Though it meant standing up to beings who dwarfed him and ending his existence as he knew it, Thor cut the strings of fate and delivered Asgard into freedom.

Spotlight Comic: THOR #81 (2004)-The Thunder God teams with his Avengers allies, Iron Man and Captain America, one last time!


When It Happened: CAPTAIN AMERICA #25 (2007)

What Went Down: Upon his surrender following the conclusion of Civil War, Steve Rogers is shot by a sniper as well as a mind-controlled Sharon Carter on a courthouse steps.

Why It Makes the List: Perhaps the most tragic thing about the death of Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, was that he didn't go down swinging against an old foe or powerful menace, but instead met a quiet demise while public sentiment of the people he lived was largely against him. However, the impact of Cap's death remains nearly unmeasured, as it galvanized not only the Avengers but the entire Marvel Universe to take a hard look at their priorities and at least try to become better heroes. Rogers' recent return and his leadership of the charge against Norman Osborn only underlines his value and how much he was missed.

Spotlight Comic: CIVIL WAR: FALLEN SON - THE DEATH OF CAPTAIN AMERICA #2-Both teams of Avengers cope with Cap's assassination in their own way.

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