■●■● Boycott YG !?! ●■●■

There's some trouble in the entertainment industry, specifically with YG... Let me explain fans are actually Boycotting YG

"why?" One Word: "WINNER" It's not their fault but let me further explain what's going on so you can get in on the stuff ~(^.^)~

I get the where the fans are coming from they're right they're not just ATM's. With the time span between debut, promotions, and album releases. I can see why they're angry. ■■■NEW PRODUCT IS NEEDED TO KEEP THE FANS HAPPY ■■■ Quality IS IMPORTANT but so is QUANITY

Personally I don't know enough about WINNER to be considered a enormous fan but I do know that producers should listen to their consumers ♡♡IT'S ALL ABOUT THAT FEEDBACK♡♡ (Supporters are the life line if their not happy then everything goes bye bye lol) Fans are like Mitochondria the power house of the cell but in this this the cell is WINNER

What do you guys think about this whole situation? I'm open minded here, so don't be afraid to express your opinions :)

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