Ep 4 Because its the first time.....more like mixed signal city - SPOILERS

*Deepest sigh known to man* Well heres my point of view on this week's episode. Lord give me strength

So we finally get to see what really went down when Ji Ahn rejected Song Yi. After this scene I actually felt bad for Song Yi unlike last week when I was glad she got dumped. I've actually been in her shoes where I liked a guy so much and told him my feelings but after few weeks he broke up with me...but it ended amicably....haha and ironically it was the first time for me too... Song Yi I'm right here with you girl Oh and since Ji Ahn really did like her, despite rejecting her, he had a breakdown moment too.

I love these too. They're my comic relief in this emotional and hormonal madness of a show. Ga On still likes Tae Oh (don't worry at least she knows it's not reciprocated and won't go anywheee) but Hoon is starting to get jealous. Hoon is still dealing with mommy and daddy issues...bless his heart he's really trying to be his own man.

Bleh.... *keep forgeting her name... whatever

So the main plot is offically cluttered with mixed signals from Ji Ahn trying to make it up to Song Yi after the rejection. Song Yi is regretting not going after Tae Oh (stupid girl). Drama Fever's 5 episodes of emotional havoc has begun. Enter the triangle at your own risk ladies and gentlemen....

these last two serve no purpose than for me to stare at minho's face a little bit longer ;p

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