Genderbend does anyone else think it's awesome??

Anime : Durarara! Genderbent

Anime: Naruto! Genderbent

Anime: Bleach Genderbent

A few Naruto Genderbent school ones !!

Anime: Full metal alchemist Genderbent

Anime:Tokyo Ghoul Genderbent

More naruto ones (there was a ton of naruto ones)

Anime: Blue exorcist Genderbent

Anime: Fairy tail Genderbent

Naruto again

Anime:one piece Genderbent

Naruto again 😁

Fairy tail Genderbent


Tokyo ghoul

Blue exorcist

That was my last naruto one yay

Anime: inuyasha Genderbent

Soul eater Genderbent

Does anyone else love Genderbent pictures??

I've seen over a 350 anime series that includes any movies,ova or episode specials I don't consider I fully watched unless I complete everything.most of the time I'll read the manga as well. ❗️❗️
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