Cute, Creative, & Cool: Celebs Wearing Costumes!

These three celebrities brought rocked some really awesome costumes for this Halloween. I think my personal favorite is of Shakira -- but maybe I am a sucker for cute costumes! Check out what they wore for this Halloween! ^_^


Shakira, Gerard Piqué, and their two sons dressed up as a Latin-old school TV character Topo Gigio. QUE CUE! They were in matching outfits complete with matching PJs, slippers, and Topo Gigio's giant mouse ears.

Jennifer Lopez

Scary? More like HOT! Jennifer Lopez celebrated Halloween as what she called "haute couture skeleton." She wore all black, sexy dress, paired with black gloves, and her face was dressed in skeleton-like makeup.

Jessica Alba

Alba went as the mean Disney villain, the evil queen. Even in the "mean" costume, she looks super adorable!

Latin Stars

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