Taeyang has a new fan kekeke 😆😆😆

So this is just something so funny to me I thought I'd share it here to see if anyone else might get a laugh out of it as well hehe 😝

My BFF Mat is tortured daily by me with all the kpop I can manage. He really is into a lot of it, but BIGBANG is his ultimate fave, he regularly chooses them when we're driving in my car together. So I've been quizzing him on their names and random facts for fun lately, hehehe, and he picked "Bad Boy" on my iPod the other day and I proceeded to ask him "Okay who is this singing right now!?" and when Taeyang came on he asked me, "Do you know how I know it's Taeyang singing?" I asked how and he, in the most serious of tones:

"Because it's flawless."

I have been laughing ever since!! I'm making him one of us guys >:D! *chants* ONE OF US! Hahahahaha 😂😂😂!!!

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