[PHOTO/TRANS] Taeyeon - Sone Plus+ update

"Taeyeon's Birthday 2013.03.13 Hello everyone in SONE JAPAN+. We plunged into March 2013! "GIRLS' GENERATION ~Girls&Peace;~ Japan 2nd Tour" is already half over, however in continuation with Sooyoung's birthday the other time, a Hiroshima concert date was Taeyeon's birthday. On stage all the fans celebrated her birthday and once off stage even all the staff members said a storm of 'Congratulations!' for her... ^^ When she returned backstage she was grinning and seemed very happy♪ Also Taeyeon took commemorative photos and happily ate the cake with the other members! The cake is decorated with waffles...huh? seems like someone already ate some... (laughs) At night all the members had a birthday party and it was an unforgettable birthday for Taeyeon (*^_^*)" Translation: RedSunsetXIII cr: pltang cc: SNSD♥TaeYeon♥Forever♥

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