I'm wearing my Mets hat proudly today

Am I sad?

Yes. In fact, I'm heartbroken.

But I'm also proud.

The truth is, the Royals are the best team in baseball.

And it's not close. They have all the pieces, and then some.

They deserved this.

This was Harvey's game, Harvey's moment, and he had to have that chance to make it happen.

He didn't, and I'll never forget it, but this is not Terry Collins' fault.

It's not Harvey's fault, either. He pitched an absolutely masterful game.

He was energetic and pumped up throughout, but he didn't let his emotions get in the way. He used them as fuel for 8 of the best innings I've seen anyone pitch, ever. He had the Royals completely on their heels throughout.

It's not Murphy's fault, even though fingers will be pointed at the Mets' second baseman.

That's exactly what we saw in these playoffs

It's not Cespedes's fault. He was bad throughout the playoffs, but this is not one man's doing.

I feel bad for the guy, because his performance in the playoffs is going to cost him millions and millions in potential contract money. I wish he could have stepped up more than he did - his baserunning, fielding and hitting were all detrimental to the team - but I'm still grateful for his presence on this team.

My point is, this is no one's fault.

Just like the Mets beat the snot out of the Cubs in the NLCS, the Royals outhustled, outsmarted and flat out outplayed the Mets in the World Series.

I'm so happy for the ride these Mets gave me this season. I never expected to be still caring about baseball on November 1.

Next year, the Mets will be coming for blood. I know that for a fact.

This is just the beginning for this uber-talented young group.

So say it with me.


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