I need to finish what I started.

Hello everyone? It's so good to see all you again. You know, we also meet for the class today, in same time, same place. C U soon. = Today's expressions for Tue Nov 3rd = 1. That I can't fix. 그건 내가 고칠 수 없어. 2. I'll give my all to you. 내 모든 걸 당신에게 줄게요. 3. I need to finish what I started. 내가 시작한 것은 내가 끝을 내야지. = Let's make a story = Hello Tom. Where are you going now? Well, I'm about to leave to Busan. I should have left at 8 a.m but I needed to finish what I started. I've been teaching some kids English at their home since last Oct. Oh, yeah? At that early time? Yeah, right. But, I can't fix everything. They have lots of subjects even though they're just seven year old kids. So, I want to give my all to them so that they could get everything they want to. Wow, amazing that you've thought like that. Yes, no doubt. I've known that their parents needed to enforce what was expected. Okay, I really hope you have good luck. Yeah, thanks. See you later. Bye.

Making mistakes is better than doing nothing.
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