Best One Piece AMV

This is literally the best One Piece AMV I have ever seen. It reminded me of everything I love about One Piece. The song goes so well with the show and the footage (plus I fucking love Our Last Night. Actually going to their concert in December. ) It feels like Dressrosa has been going on for so long that it's started becoming so bland you know? It was almost like I couldn't remember a time when the show wasn't in the Dressrosa arc. But this video made it all come back. The time when Zoro kicked the ass of an eight-armed/sworded fishman while still getting over a debilitating injury he had just started recovering from. Or the time when Luffy announced to the world that he couldn't give any less of a fuck about what anyone else thought or what the accepted rules were. He actually declared war on the World Government just to make a point. (Sorry to anyone who hasn't gotten that far.) Or that time when he kicked Arlong through 8 floors after breaking his nose he was so proud of (again sorry). Or all the crap Luffy went through just to gather his crew and make them his nakama. Or reliving Luffy's childhood with Ace and Sabo and having Ace's death hit even harder because of it. This video brings it all back and captures everything that makes One Piece such a good show. So bravo to the creator BoaHankock. You done good. You done damn good.

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