Is Spotify Killing the Music Industry?


Ok, I’m going to disclose something to you before I start this. I love Spotify. No really, I stream music at work, on my phone, and I just love that I can listen to one song and bounce from artist to artist.

I can consume all the musics I want. I can make curated playlist with my friends. The algorithms that Spotify built to help me find the music I like.

That being said, I felt a little awkward and bad getting the app. Yes, I’m paying for the service, but I am not paying for the album, the song, etc.

It makes me hope that the artists are getting the money and recognition they deserve.

Case in point... Taylor Swift.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek pointed outrecognize monetarily for her album.

But the number we are still focusing on, the number we continue to focus on, is album sales... and that’s why I think Taylor is staying away from Spotify.

So maybe the way we praise artist for their music should change...


They way we are consuming music is changing.

We need to start recognizing not only album sales, but also streams and viral hits! Music is online now. And say “hello” to the streaming music world.

What do you think Vinglers? Is Spotify taking advantage of the “stream” system or should we start changing how we think about music?

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