That Winter, The Wind Blows (Korean Drama) Ep.12-LIVE Recap

Airs on 20nd :D Coming back home, OS sees OY. He reminds of the doctor's saying that there is no hope. He kisses her and at that time OY wakes up. OS feels sad of there is no much hope which OY's braintumor will be cured and kisses her. At that night, SW sees OS is going somewhere. OS goes to OY's secret place. He records video for her. 'Hi, OY. When you see this video, I guess you would know that I am not your brother. I don't know where to start to explain..This pic is ur brother. He was good and diligent guy. He really loved u.' While recording his saying, it's hard for him to hold tears, so he just stop recording. In the meanwhile, JS asks friend to lend him money. He tries to help OS. At that time, Kim appears and asks him to work with him. But JS says,"You think I'm gonna betray OS?" Kim gets angry of him and orders to kill him. Then MC comes and help JS. He talks with Kim. "This is why I don't like you. You don't keep the promise. I promised to kill OS if he doesn't pay back money after 100days. and if I don't kill OS, you can kill me. But there are still time until it becomes 100days and JS is not related with this. Remember. There is still time until deadline. Next day, OY asks OS why he cameback late yesterday. OS gets surprised, being worried that OY would notice his kissing last night. But OY says she was just waiting for him. Coming down on the ground floor, he sees SW. He asks, "Why you don't kick me out even when you know I'm not her brother." SW says,"Cuz we have same purpose. Mine is for OY not myself, though you wouldn't believe it. And you would be kicked out when OY's surgery is over." OY and OS goes to hospital to see a doctor. OS holds her hands, but OY says "Keep your hands off from me." (OY feels uncomfortable after kissing in last night.) After OY's investigation, doctor says, "There are only 10percents in succedding ur surgery. And even if it succedd, you gotta take hard treatment." OY says,"10 percents is enough for me. I just wanna show people around me that I did my best to live. Let me get surgery." Doctor gets angry of OS's insist. "I told you there are only 10 percent's hope. Are you ignoring 90percent of failure? You are taking time from her. The time which she can take a rest peacefully until she dies. Stop her to take a surgery." In cafe, OY asks HS,"HS, I wonder if brother can love his sister. It's weird. When I'm staying with him, my heart is continually beating." OY blames her feeling toward OS. OS gives JS all money he has and asks him to leave with his family and HS. JS resists, and OS gets angry. "HS and you gonna be in danger if you don't leave. Kim will threaten not only me but you guys too! Please follow my saying.", he says. While OY going back home with OS, she says "I don't wanna sleep with you no more. I feel uncomfortable." OS refuses and holds her hands. Then OY cries, "Stop please. I'm sorry, but I don't wanna do holding hands or kissing on cheecks. I know you kissed me last night. Why did you do it?" OS says,"Cuz I like you." OY gets so surprised, "I'm your sister!" But OS says ,"I don't care." OY gets so embarrassed and call to SW. "The feeling you have toward me, I also feel it. But we should not feel like this. Please stop doing this." OY walks alone, getting shocked. At that moment, another doctor called OS. He found out who misdiagnosed of OY's eyes. He explains, "The doctor has lots of problem. It's not that OY became blind because of braintumor. If she had treatment early, she wouldn't be blind like now." At that night, OS gets so angry of SW. At the moment she calls him, he says,"I'm being patient now. OY lost her sight not because of braintumore. Please stop pretanding you are caring her." OY calls OS, "Why you say nth?" OS says,"I'm just listening to sound of your breathing." They miss each other a lot. SW went into OY's secret place. She gets so puzzled, seeing it. She reads braille on a video tape and gets surprised. She imagines OY's saying. 'Last night, when I went to hospital, I became blind not because of braintumor. I know you did it, SW. But this is not the end. I have my brother.' Next morning, when having breakfast together, SW says "I think I raised up you well. Sometime I became bad and heartless, right?" OY asks what do you mean. She doesn't understand why SW suddenly say about those things. SW ignores it and says "Let's eat." In the meanwhile, OS struggles to find out why the doctor misdiagnosed of OY's eyes intentionally. He waits for the doctor to come out and chases after. While he's chasing after, doctor called him. "Today we investigated of her body for surgery, but it's impossible to do surgery. She neglected too much." OS gets more angry, after catching the call. He hits the doctor who misdiagnosed as much as he can. While hitting him, he thinks of wat he said to OY. He said, 'when you are able to see, I hope you would see more beautiful things than this.' At that night, OS wanna sleep next to OY. But she tries to keep distance. "You feel like lover continually. I should not feel like this. I'm afraid of my feeling. I continually remember your kissing.", she says. OS says,"I'm sorry. I won't do it again. Just let me stay next to you." OY says,"I'm not worried of you. I'm worried of my feeling. Please help me not to feel love toward you. Go to your room.." At the moment OS goes back, SW says,"Follow me." And SR calls OY, and says OS is not her real brother. "He is not your real brother. You real brother died. SW knows about it. Please tell OS I will be waiting in Italy where we traveled for the first time." OY gets so shocked. SW hits him. "How dare you. How can you kiss her?" But OS stops her. "I hope I can kill you now. OY can't get surgery. I don't believe you care her." SW says,"Yes I did make her to lose her sight. And OY also knows it. But she pretends she doesn't know, cuz she needs me." OS says,"You are mad. You just wanted to succedd by staying next to her." SW says,"So wat? Then how about you? You also wanna have a good life from her. Do you think OY gonna forgive you when she knows you are not real brother?" OY listens to it and gets shocked more.

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