That Winter, The Wind Blows (Korean Drama) Ep.13-LIVE Recap

Airs on 21nd :D SW hits him. "How dare you. How can you kiss her?" But OS stops her. "I hope I can kill you now. OY can't get surgery. She can't cure her eyes. I don't believe you care her." SW says,"Yes I did make her to lose her sight. And OY also knows it. But she pretends she doesn't know, cuz she needs me." OS says,"You are mad. You just wanted to succedd by staying next to her." SW says,"So wat? Then how about you? You also wanna have a good life from her. Do you think OY gonna forgive you when she knows you are not real brother? You went in to OY's secret place and stole her momories with her brother. That's why you could behave like her real brother. Do you think she gonna forgive you when she knows what you did?" OY listens to it and gets shocked more. SW says,"I know you love OY. She gonna get surgery. LJ contacted to Doctor Jo. He said there is hope that she can cure." OS says,"Tmr, LJ gonna meet Doctor Jo who misdiagnosed of OY's eyes. Mi Ra gonna prove with Doctor Jo. I told you I will not leave alone." OS knocks OY's door, but she ignores it. She's recalling what people said about OS and good memories with him. She feels so much hurts. And SR tells OS that she told everything about him to OY. 'Now, the only way you can live is to stay with me in Italy.' In the meanwhile, LJ heard from SR what Doctor Jo did to OY. He really gets angry. He orders to accuse him of misdiagnosing intentionally. And OY is leaving a video msg to OS. "Now I can feel many people's smell in this room. SW and You.", she says. JS leaves OY's home. He doesn't wanna leave him alone. JS suggest to get money by gambling as they've done. OS ignores it and walks away. As soon as LJ arrives home, he calls both OS and SW. "OY gonna take surgery this week. OS have to leave that day, and you also have to. Today, I will report to company what you did to OY. And the harm you did to OY, I will handle it by law after asking OY's opinion." And SW insist, "It's not gonna be working as you wish." When they finish their dialogue, OY comes home. A cleaner asks OY if it's okay to throw away wind chime. She say do as wish. It seems like now OY closed her mind toward OS. She wanna prepare wedding dress to get married before her surgery. She wanna go to see dress with SW. Then she asks OS to go traveling together to Italy. While OS cleaning OY's secret place, he turns on OY's video recording. 'How much you planned to get money from me? You also planned to make me belive you are my brother and love you? How you feel now when you see me get hurt?' OS feels so much sorry. Buying wedding dress together with SW, OY says,"Do you like this dress? I feel sorry that this is all I can do for you who raised me up for 20yrs. After sugery when I open my eyes, I know you wouldn't stay next to me. I think you also gotta prepare when you have to leave." In the meanwhile, HS went to OY and asks for giving money. "OS is good guy. I hope you wouldn't misunderstand him. You have much money and you love OS. please help us." OY says,"I hope you leave. It's hard for me to be patient." At that night, OY asks to go Mountain Ji Ri where she went with family before her parents got divorced. Though she's staying with him, she got hurt so much and totally closed her mind. In the meanwhile, SW noticed OY knew that OS is not her real brother. She gets so worried. She thinks her behavior is weird. She goes traveling together even when she knows OS is not her real brother. LJ and SW also notices OY changed her will to donate all her money. At the sametime, MH also knew that OY broke their engagement. SW leaves to meet OY immediately. SW tries to find out where OY and OS went. Then she notices OS also know that SR told OY all the things. She doesn't understand why they went traveling together even when they knew they are not brother and sister. LJ says,"Let's wait for them to comeback. She will be fine." At that night, they have dinner together. "Leave when I get surgery. No, I think it would be better for u to leave tmr." OS ingores it and asks,"Tell me wat u did here with family. When parents having tea together, wat did you do with me?",he asks. OY says,"No, here, my parents always fought. They fought all day and we cried in room. Then next morning, they called us and said you will live with mom and I will live with father. Now tell me about another OS." OS says,"Let's stop doing this. You know who I am." OY says,"I know. The liar who needed money from me. The reason that I can't forgive you is..I can't even be sad about my brother's dying because of anger of you. I hate so much that I wanna kill you, but there's nth I can do. Bye." OY walks away, but OS stops her and kisses by force.

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