Champions League Preview: Real Madrid vs. PSG

The Champions League is back!

Today's matches are highlighted by a great showdown between La Liga's Real Madrid and Ligue 1's Paris St. Germain.

They may both move on, but this is a hugely important match.Madrid are certainly hopeful.Keylor NavasJames RodriguezSergio RamosGareth Bale, Álvaro Arbeloa,Karim Benzema.Cristiano Ronaldo

Ángel di MariaDavid LuizThiago SilvaJavier PastoreMarquinhosMarco Verratti


Despite Madrid being at home, I love the form that PSG enter the match with. While I don't think they will run away with it, I expect this to be a great match with some real end-to-end action. PSG are making a claim to be considered as one of the world's top 5 clubs and this is a great chance for them to improve that case. With Madrid at home, PSG will be cautious to commit too many men to attack. With that said, I think they can get a goal or two and make this a real challenge for Madrid.

I'm saying it's going to be a game with goals. 2-2, the final.

What do you think? Can PSG steal points in Spain or will Madrid do their job and walk away with a lead in Group A? @InPlainSight@AbdulrahmanSaad@trinityarcangel@thefeels@MarcusJiles@DerekGumtow@havic@yaakattackk@bnzattoni

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