K-pop community...may you help me??


I don't know if I am being selfish but I wanted to ask you lovely, wonderful people if you could help me try (key word here is try) win an anime giveaway... I know this isn't K-pop related but it would mean so much to me!

I know most of us came from anime and J-music which eventually led us to K-pop!!

So I entered a giveaway and basically you have name three animes so others could find something new to watch!!

What I am basically asking is if you could help me by liking the card and sharing it to your friends...I would love you forever!!!

I will put up a link to my card and to the giveaway post (if you become interested in entering it!)

Again thank you so much in advance!!!!!!

Also@kpopandkimchi please if you could help me as well!

Link to my card:


Link to the giveaway:


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