Hotline Bling : Drake vs. Justin Bieber

Pop Star Song Battle

"Hotline Bling" is the definition of college party club music and it's one of the biggest songs of the year. Drake who signed an exclusive contract with Apple Music put himself at a disadvantage for multiple awards because his music video was not able to debut on VEVO until a week after the song's music video release. Basically Apple killed any chance for Drake to beat any sort of music record when his song was number one for weeks having fans obsess over it.

For now, all anyone wants to hear on the radio is "Hello" by Adele. Sorry.

Recently, Justin Bieber released a cover of the hit song "Hotline Bling" and many actually prefer it. Unlike Drake, you can hear a lot more auto-tune and nasally variations in Bieber's version. Drake is a lot more casual and less flashy within his own song. Fans are siding with each of them claiming one is superior. However, within the Vingle communities, I'd like to know...

Who sang it better?


Justin Bieber

Let me know in the comments below who won and why!!!

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