Visionary Goes 9-4 In Week 8

If you win 9 and lose 4 every week in the NFL, you will be a cult hero in wagering circles. The Visionary's boldest prediction (Colts 27 Panthers 24) nearly came in on the nose after Indy took a 26-23 lead in overtime. The colts gave up the tying field goal and then turned it over on the ensuing possession to lose 29-26. They still covered the spread, however, so the Visionary was clutch in the important category.

IT FIGURED -- The Lions were awful in London in spite of an offensive coordinator change.

The Texans took advantage of Tennessee's turmoil.

The Browns were poorly coached again and lost.

The Raiders were awesome.

WOW--I picked the Saints to win, but who could have predicted 52-49? Drew Brees threw for seven touchdowns. Eli Manning wasn't bad either. Where's the D?

TOAST-- Tennessee's head coach; San Francisco's QB; Green Bay's dream of an undefeated season.

SHOULD BE TOAST -- Cleveland's head coach; Philadelphia's QB; Carolina's dream of an undefeated season.

STILL THE WOST-- NFL officials. How many calls were overturned by replay this week? Almost every close one. The replacements were much better. At least they weren't afraid to call pass interference and didn't turn games around by calling ridiculous taunting penalties or phantom holding penalties. I say fire the whole lot of them and start over.

STILL THE BEST: Say what you want about an aging Peyton Manning. He shredded the Packers short and deep and in between. The Broncos offense is evolving and their defense is stifling. Manning' steam is the Visionary's Super Bowl favorite -- especially if Denver earns home field throughout the playoffs.

The Visionary's week 9 selections will be posted Wednesday.

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