19 Inspirational KPop qoutes willl lighten your mood!

Hey! How have you been? Doing good? I sure hope so!

seriously, anythingSo please, if you are having a bad day, or not even if you are having a bad day, look at these. Look at them and smile. Please. It will help :).

1. Kill them with success, and bury them with a smile.

And just like this, if you are down because of someone, keep your chin up high. You will definitely find someone better.

2. While you guys partied, I have up sleep for my dreams.

Why I put this here though, is to state that with hard effort, comes good results. My teacher has this motto in his classroom that goes: If it is to be, its up to me...

3. If I'm the sun, you are the moon. Because when I rise, you go down.

To those people who can't stop thinking about that one person who is constantly beating you at things, making fun if your dreams, and making life miserable: been there, done that. Basically my whole elementary I was bullied. Real bad. But things do get better. Soo better, please, you are the best, don't let them bring you down. Not today, Not tomorrow or the day after. Don't let them.

4. Living without passion is like being dead.

Its better to give your 100% and try to do it, than do nothing at all, and wait for the "good" results. Try to put more heart into things you do, it helps :).

5. throw a stone at me if you have done as much as I did.

Don't let anyone, anyone, tell you you aren't good enough.

You can get super far in life with just this qoute. It states that if you don't feel the satisfaction in doing something good, do it better. Don't give up. Giving up is your last option. All the time. You must remember.

Dont ever let anyone tell you to stop dreaming. And don't feel bad about it either. They are simply the style of life you would live to live in. And if you work hard enough, if you don't let go of those dreams, you will go there.

8. Work hard, Play hard.

Work Hard, Play hard. Give it your all in court and in practice. Give it your all in school. Don't stop giving your all. Thats the wort thing you can do. Remember, when motivation and activeness goes out the window, winning goes out the door

9. I don't date ugly girls because I believe they don't exist.

For those suffering from fear of gaining weight, fear of cutting your hair, fear of your glasses, fear of something physical, remeber you are you. And that the biggest a blessing anyone can receive, to have natural beauty. To have natural confidence.Be proud of who you are.

10. I want a big house, big cars and big dreams.

You gotta think like that. You must be determined. You have to make it through this obstacle course called life. And at the end, when you are about to finish it, you realize and value all the hard work you did. Cause hey, hard work always gives a price.

11. Walk your own road. Don't expect everyone else to do the same.... It'll only crowd your path.

We have to face out problems by ourselves. Why? Because the main reason we are alive today is basically because we are this strong. And overtime, we will get stronger.-and my hats off to you, cause i can't even go to a mall without anyone without being scared someone will kidnap me. Yes, a mature teen going to the mall and being scared. Yes, if you ever see a girl with curly hair, usually red clothes, and big hazel eyes, thats me. Make sure to say hi-Humans weren't meant to be alone, we were meant to be with family.If you ever feel like you won't make it or a dark tunnel of loneliness, stretching on and on, remember there will be light, there will be love, and here will be life.

12. In order to wear a crown, you must be able to bear the weight of the crown first.

If the preassure is too much on youtake a break, a small one. And "train" to do a better job. Or if you can't take a break, decide your choice. Seriously, consider all your decisions and just ask yourself:If you want to do it, then do your thing.

13. - I am not pretty or beautiful, but I am the best. - Yes, I don't have talent, that's why I work hard.

But work comes off. Work, and you will achieve.

14. Never forget to smile.

but remember this. Kids follow your lead, and attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching? Think about it.....

15. Fight for the right to be you.

Anyway, as I said earlier, the biggest blessing someone can get is staying true to yourself. If you somehow cant fight for what you want to do with yourself, figure out a way. You wont go far in life if you don't.

16. Even a falling star still shines

Look, first of all, don't let anyone bring you down. You are worth more than that. If they ever bring you down, don't see yourself as a monster, don't see yourself as anything else but something precious and rare. So precious and rare that only a few tweeks could make it what's it was made to be. Use these words as encouragement that you could do better. And you will.

17. Because SunYe is the leader, she will always pretend that she is not tired.

Hey, take a break. It helps. But if you can't, remember you are loved and looked up to by at least one person. Love yourself. And realize that maybe as the leader you have to be strong, that you can't show weakness. We have all gone through that. Don't worry. But please, for your health take the day off to watch Netflix or a KPop MusicVideo Marathon or a KDrama. I don't know, do what floats your little boat.

18. Don't give up on your dreams & keep working towards it.

I'm gonna say these kind of things all the time if I need them drilled on your head.


19. The ground hardens after the rain.

And you will too! Just hold on, darling. The pain will stop. And you will do what you want after that. Just be strong.I want you guys to know, you are loved. You are admired. And yes, your effort is appreciated. You are amazing no matter what. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Fangirl. That's all there is to know.
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