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Thanks to@kpopandkimchi, I'm making my first card!! As you can probably tell, the K-idol I chose for this is Krystal! Krystal is 21 years old, and I'm like, younger than that.

I think the first time that I ever heard Krystal sing was in f(x)'s song Electric Shock. That song is a classic. I will never be able to say no to that song, EVER! The vocals in that song just so amazing. Just, wow!

Krystal, at a first glance, can be seen as either and Ice princess or the shy girl in the back of the room. But keep in mind, that is only first glance. In reality, once she gets nice and comfortable with you as a person, she will be as silly as can be.

So you have it, readers, my first ever card on Krystal Jung, my dear and beloved bias. I hope y'all have enjoyed this card, although it is just reading, as much as I did making it. Bye Bye! P.S. If y'all want, you can leave some criticism on what you think I could do better with this card. Thank you.

Hey! I love Korea and Japan and I'm easy to talk to. So come on, let's be friends.
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