100 days of anime challenge Day 1

So I saw this and thought I would give it a shot. Day One is one I actually had to think on it since I have been watching anime since I was young and didn't even know it. I discovered this fact when I was talking with a friend. Day one was: What was the first anime you ever watched?

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon I started watching this when I really little, I think around six or so. I remember the feeling I got even though I couldn't tell you what episode was my first. It made me excited and ecstatic in a way that the american cartoons of the time didn't. It was pretty, cute and funny and everything a little girl could fall in love with. But my first real memory of this series would have to be this movie.

Sailor moon R; Promise of the rose. I fell in love with the songs, the story, all of it. Yes I will admit to being one of those nerdy kids that sang the english song "power of love" over and over again, much to everyone's chagrin. To this day I am in love with this series even though I've watched a lot of different kinds. It's always going to hold a nostalgic place in my heart.

Hmm...what to tell? I'm a anime loving, tea drinking, gothy mad hatter that has a penchant for both cute and creepy things. I love the written word in all its whimsical ways. I love a good story and can tell one as well. Enjoy your day and your time on my page.
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