My name is Adia

I feel like sharing to you guys about me bc you're all a huge fam to me. But like my life is so triggering in so many ways so I'll keep a lot of the bad things out so I don't upset people.

I literally have nothing but cosplay photos in my phone so Yee

Okay so Hi I'm Adia or Ross either or is fine by me. I wan born July 15th my full name is Adia Rose Jasinski When I was born, I was born with one leg shorter than the other. Ever up til since 6th grade, I had these huge lifts of my shoe. It helped me walk better with out falling and Shiz. In about 7th grade I had surgery on my left leg. They took out my growth plate of my knee cap and stunt it's growth to let my right leg.

Ever since then I haven't really grown much which really sucks now because my right leg is still so much shorter. I had to wear the lifts on the outside of my shoe probably at least UNTILL I was a freshman in high school. I used to be called so many names . I never was the kid who was normal. I stood out so much. I pretty much would embarrass my self to make my friends laugh. I still am that way but I say stupid shit to make people happy and not sad.

I'm sure a lot of people are like woah. Yeah that happens to a lot of people. Or like woah I'm sorry. But like damnnn middle school was so rough for me. It's not your fault or anything.

When I graduated 8th grade I cried so much because I was so scare to loose every friend I've known. Sure I did loose a lot of friends but HEYYYYYY I survived. I started getting into cosplay and anime more, keeping me out of trouble. Gradually over time I questioned on who I was and came out as bisexual and genderfluid. Here I am now as dorky as can be because I'm in love with korean boys(mostly BTS ) and anime characters. It's bad but it's better than drugs lmao 👌

Sorry this card was sad Or too deep. Now ya know some stuff about me.

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