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I will also be participating in this...event!!!

Thanks to@kpopandkimchi for mentioning me (tagging me?)!!!

I also thought of doing them all at the same time heh!

Try to guess what year I was born (I have no idea if I already mentioned it....knowing me I probably did)......

Here I will post only my fave groups that sadly (T-T) have younger idols with the ability to kill a 누나!!!!



Only a few(okay maybe more than a few) are younger than me in this group!!!

First is DK...my bias in the vocal team the reason being is that I can't help but smile whenever he flashes that wide smile of his (I can't be the only one right?)....

Second is Mingyu...an amazing rapper who should get more parts (like my bias Wonwoo!!) I could see this kid going far!! He should stop looking so fine as hell it's not fair!

Third is The8...not my bias in the performance team but still this guy could dance! I know that he should get more lines even though I understand he probably doesn't know much Korean yet...heh

Fourth is Seungkwan....boy is he adorable with those cute chubby cheeks of his!! He also has a beautiful voice (then again everyone in the vocal team has)....

Fifth is Vernon...omg this boy is the same age as my sister and wow he raps amazing but he has more parts in EVERY song!! The whole hip hop team should get equal parts you know....another one that I could see in the future going far

Sixth is Dino....ahh this cute munchkin he is pretty much the most amazing thing that has happened to this world (also he is a year older than my little sister...yes I have two) he makes me wish I was at least born a dancer...

Up10tion (I swear they are going to be the death of me)

One of my latest loves....heh I swear I didn't want to get sucked into this group!!

First up is Gyujin....I still don't know much about their personalities but from what I have seen he is amazing....when I was learning their names I thought he looked like Kuhn (don't ask why I don't even know)...

Second is Hwanhee....he was the first one that caught my attention with his power vocals that blow me away!! (I don't see how he sounds like Baekhyun or even looks like him)

Third is Xiao...I don't know but when I first saw him I kind of knew he was going to be pretty weird (also a prediction is that he is going to join all the evil maknaes at some point)



Now we all know who this is going to about....

The Golden Maknae himself....Jungkook!!

What can I say that I haven't said....he KILLS me with the way he is it is totally not fair!!! He's not even my bias but he IS my bias wrecker in the group.....*sighs* this boy better stop growing and giving me all these feels.......

No...how could this baby have such muscles.....this is not even.......I can't even think properly.... Kookie I don't know how I would behave around you if I met the group....

His voice kills more than his looks....I could sleep to it if he ever sang to me (same with Jimin)....he raps amazing too and dances incredible....what can't the Golden Maknae not do....except talk to girls??

I better stop here because I could go on forever.....................



I think this is the last band that I like that has younger idols than me......I just recently become an IGot7 so yeah.....

The only ones who are younger than me are Yugyeom and BamBam....heh

Boy...these boys are real idiots but somehow every band is....Yugyeom at first didn't catch my attention (Youngjae is my beautiful bias!) but then I found out he is a year younger than me -_-

How could someone this mature looking be younger than me?!?!?

I feel like he doesn't get much lines (right??) his voice is something different than what I expected....it's so...light heh.

His dancing is amazing, just like the rest of Got7, but no matter he is wonderful and I feel as he gets older he will become an even more amazing singer!!!

BamBam is an adorable munchkin what can I say about him??!?!?!?

He is just.......ugh.....nope there's nothing really to say about him other than some of the stuff I said about Yugyeom....

Yeah I think that's it....there doesn't seem to be any more bands that I like that have younger idols than me....yesh..... *is thinking* hmm yeah no I don't think so.

Well I hope you liked this card!!!

(It took me ages to finish this really long card!!)

Well, bye!

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