Block B Story Ch.3 Jaehyo


Well it's been nine months since me and U-Kwon have been dating. We love each other so much. I've gotten close to U-Kwon's friends. But I'm not close to them as much as I am with U-Kwon he is both my friend and lover. Our friend Jaehyo kind of freaks me out sometimes. He always gets really close to me when U-Kwon and the others are around. It wouldn't be bad. But he literally get all close to my face like he is going to kiss me or something. I haven't had my first kiss yet. U-Kwon hasn't kissed me on the lips at all. I'm starting to get impatient I know he wants to take his time. It's almost our one year in three more months. I wonder if that's his plan. To kiss me for the first time on our one year anniversary. Another thing is that B-Bomb keeps on getting more angry like he is jealous or something.

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