DIY aluminum can manga craft



For this project, you will need:

-- A soda can

-- White primer paint (make sure it works on metal)

-- Pencil

-- Pink, black, white and peach paint (again, make sure it works on metal)

-- Small paintbrush

-- Clear sealant spray (optional)

You can find these items at a craft store.

Paint the soda can

Paint the entire soda can with the white primer and let the primer dry completely. Then, use the pencil to draw the outlines of the character. Then, use the small paintbrush to paint the various colors on the can, as shown in the picture above. Let the paint dry completely after you have finished painting the can. You can cover the can with a coat of clear sealant spray if you would like to seal the art on the can more.

Set out your craft and enjoy!

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