DIY superhero coin banks

Fireflies + Mud pies


For this project, you will need:



-- X-acto knife

-- Yellow duct tape

-- Red duct tape

-- Blue spray paint

-- Black spray paint

You can find all of the paint and tape at a craft store.

Paint the glass jars

Spray paint the glass jars and caps in a well-ventilated area or outside. You may have to do two coats of paint to make it completely opaque. Let the paint completely dry before going to the next step.

Cut the duct tape

Draw out your designs on the duct tape. Then, use the X-acto knife to cut the duct tape around your designs, as shown in the picture. If you aren't good at free-handing the superhero designs, you can print them off of the internet and use them as a stencil.

Attach the duct tape to the jars

Once you have completely making your design, attach the duct tape to the glass jars.

Set out the superhero coin banks in a kid's room and allow them to enjoy saving money!

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