There's a cat cafe in Seoul... I think I'm going to cry

This is literally heaven for me. If you know me, you know how much I LOVE cats. Like, LOVE LOVE LOVE cats. I have 2, but I NEED more.

These are my two idiots by the way. Wolverine (boy) and Slim Shady (girl, don't ask... I really have no explanation)

BUT I REALLY LOVE CATS! Cats + KPop + KDramas + Vingle = My life Comment below if you also love cats! If you have cats, how many do you have? If not, do you like dogs? Do you have dogs? Maybe you have a giraffe! Is that legal? What animals can't you have? Are you allowed to have sea otters as pets? If so, let me know because I also REALLY LOVE SEA OTTERS! Although wouldn't it be difficult to take care of sea otters at pets? Having a gorilla would be pretty cool! But imagine cleaning up after it. No thanks!

No, literally, the only thing that's stopping us from getting married is the fact that we haven't "met yet".
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