Adrian Peterson Says He Can Play Until 40

Most running backs have a short shelf life in the NFL, but not Adrian Peterson.

AP is 9 years into his NFL career and is still a dominant force in the league. At the moment, Adrian Peterson is third in the NFL in rushing and on pace for the fifth-best season by a 30-year-old running back in league history.

Peterson has shown no signs on slowing down, and he says at this pace he may be able to play until 40.

Speaking on a conference call with St. Louis reporters, the running back said he thinks he can play 10 more years.

"If God's willing, I'll just be able to walk away from the game at the highest level whenever I decide," Peterson said.

If Adrian Peterson keeps at this pace he will break Emmitt Smith's all time rushing record in 6 years. That may not be enough for Peterson though, as he is looking to put the record out of reach for sure with three more years of play after that.



Do you think Adrian Peterson can play at a high level for 10 more years?

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