3 anime that are worth missing sleep over

So these are three anime that I really love and honestly believe that everybody should see them at least once. Of course these aren't the only anime that I love but they're pretty short and really play with your heart strings

The first would probably be Your lie in April. It is just such a sad yet strangely happy anime. As much as I love Clannad, I think that this anime tops it big time.

If you were forced to suffer through Romeo and Juliet as a high schooler like I did then this second anime is perfect for you! RomeoxJuliet is an amazing anime with a strong female heroine and a hero that isn't ridiculously lovesick and actually has a pair. The twist was very interesting and, I'm just gonna come out and say it, Tybalt is freaking hot!

And finally, this is by far my favorite anime. I have seen it dozens of times and it never fails to make me cry. Following Mitsuki through her battle with a throat tumor, a dream to become a singer and a grandmother who hates all music and her dead father, Mitsuki who has been told that she has one year to live works to accomplish her dream with her shinigami friends. The art is amazing and, while young and feminine, the heroine is not overly annoying. Plus, the soundtrack is pretty catchy too.

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