Final Fantasy Characters Reimagined as Disney Characters

David Lojaya

I mean, do you see Cloud up there? Looking all brooding and blonde haired? I don't know how else to describe him (If you don't know who Cloud is, shame on you and he's the one all the way on the right).

I think one of my favorite things about illustrations like these is guessing which character is which. I mean, of course if you're a fan of the games you'll know who is who but since my brain is kind of, well, wired all weird (I'm a ghost), it takes me a second to figure out realize that who it is in front of me.

Like Squall up there, I stared at that picture for so long until I was like, "Yeah, that's Squall, alright." Have I mentioned that he's probably my favorite Final Fantasy character? Look at him, wearing one glove and those arm muscles, what a guy, am I right ladies/guys?


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