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So@DeniseiaGardner here's the story: "Scuse me miss?" Having to avoid random guy's slapping my butt, I turned to a table of guys who were out celebrating. "Yes?" "What are you doing working in a place like this?" Laughing, as that was the number one line I was hit with all the time, I looked, "Well the bills have to be paid one way or another. I decided to be a waitress. Is there something I can help you with?" Having to yell over music was a nightly thing. They shook their head no and I walked off. The D.J was my best friend, MinHo. "Don't you know better than to flirt with guys at the club?" "Shut up MinHo; I should say that about the girls you flirt with here." He shot me a crooked grin as I walked away. I was making my rounds when this big guy who had too much to drink was harassing me. "Sir, please don't spit on me. If you need another drink, I'll gladly get it." Right when I turned around, he grabbed onto my arm hard and jerked me back into his arms. Of the year I had worked there, I never had this problem until now. "Hey!" I heard the voice from earlier, "I believe she said to let her go!" He stood in front of the guy as he moved me behind. The bouncer Taeyang came running up. "Aimee, are you okay?" I shook my head yes and thanked the guy who saved me. I wanted to hide, as the boss was upset with me. I got harassed, but yet his sales were more important. I left early that night, to get something hot on a cold night. "Hey!" I turned to see the guy from the club. Confused, I scratched my head, "Yes?" "I didn't catch your name Miss...?" "Aimee. Listen, obviously I have to thank you, so thank you but I just need to walk my mind off." "I'll join you." "Listen, you don't have to; I'll be fine." "You have no other choice, because I'm coming." Just like that, we were lost in conversation; discussing many things. From his work and my loans, we seemed like we clicked. After many nights of me working at the club, and him visiting, we became close. Not everyone was approving of our low-key relationship, but that didn't matter. MinHo and Tae started to get jealous a bit; which was sweet in a way. That meant they cared. Jackson met me one night and wanted to take me on a date. I figured why the hell not, he was nice; Sassy, but nice. We had our date in the park, a sweet difference from what I was used to. He kissed me suddenly, which threw me off. "Whoa. I have to leave" I stumbled and turned around. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to him, grasping my face in his hands. He kissed me again, which led from one thing to another. Weeks has passed since that night as I began to felt weird. Everyone knew it but me. Apparently, I hadn't been the same. Minho took me to the Dr, and I received shocking news; I was expecting. I wanted to wait to tell Jackson, since we were fresh in a relationship, but he needed to know. I went to his work to visit him and I told him the news. Of course with him being an idol, I didn't want to ruin him, so we decided to keep things low-key; in order to keep this out of the media. The day of delivery, he showed up to welcome his son into the world. All I wanted was him to be there for his kid, nothing else. We split amicably. *Skip Years* Getting ready for Dean's birthday, Minho showed up bearing gifts. He was like a second father to Dean, and loved him. Jackson was aware and okay with MinHo being around him. Minho approached me about his feelings for me. We had liked eachother, but never crossed that path; not until Dean left with Jackson. We got caught up in emotions and sparks flew. Our one night stand turned into two; which led to more. Feeling like dejavu all over, he took me to the Dr once again. That was where we found out we were pregnant. Feeling overwhelmed, he knew what was going through my mind; being a single mother and all. MinHo and I never became official at first, but he was a huge part of his children's lives. So yeas. @Emealia I went ahead and tagged you as well! @jessicalnichols here's my story!

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