Block B Story Ch.3 Jaehyo???!!!


Well it's been nine months since me and U-Kwon have been dating. We love each other so much. I rarely see my Unnie anymore she is always out with Jiyong. Well we do have our own lives. I've made friends with U-Kwon's friends. I've gotten close to U-Kwon's friends. But I'm not close to them as much as I am with U-Kwon he is both my friend and lover. Our friend Jaehyo kind of freaks me out sometimes. He always gets really close to me when U-Kwon and the others are around. It wouldn't be bad. But he literally get all close to my face like he is going to kiss me or something. I haven't had my first kiss yet. U-Kwon hasn't kissed me on the lips at all. I'm starting to get impatient I know he wants to take his time. It's almost our one year in three more months. I wonder if that's his plan; to kiss me for the first time on our one year anniversary. ~Flash Back~ Another, thing is that B-Bomb keeps on getting angrier like he is jealous or something. Especially, at Kiara, and Jin's wedding. It was two months ago. Marisol, Aimee and I were her brides’ maids. As well as other people I don’t know. Jin had several best men. The rest of BTS , Jiyong and U-Kwon. I walked down the aisle with U-Kwon of course. B-Bomb was in the crowd he knew Jin but he had no idea I knew Kiara and such. As soon as he saw me with U-Kwon he walked out. Then, Jiyong and Marisol walked together. Finally, Aimee and this guy named Namjoon walked together down the aisle. She was red the whole time I knew this would be a blossoming of a new love. They’ve dated ever since after that. They are so cute together I’m so happy my auntie found someone. It was a great wedding I’m glad I ran into my Dongsaeng that day or I wouldn’t of been able to attend the wedding. ~Now~ *Knock knock* I answer the door it was Jaehyo. “Um, hey. What are you doing here?” I asked. He just put me against the wall and kissed me. U-Kwon was standing there in the door with flowers. He dropped them and ran away. I punched the shit out of Jaehyo. I screamed at him while crying. “What the hell is wrong with you??!!!! You’re an ass!!!” Then he just left. I blew up U-Kwon’s phone with texts and phone calls. He wasn’t answering. I was worried. I went to look for him and I couldn’t find him. I was so pissed of f and sad. The love of my life will probably never talk to me again. We might break up because of something he seen. If he saw the whole thing he would know it was forced. I just gave up on life right there. I just walked across the street with cars flying towards me. I didn’t care. Without U-Kwon I’m nothing. Then, next thing I know I’m swept off my feet. I looked up it was Taeil. He picked me up and ran me across the road dodging all of the cars. “Coreena, what the hell are you doing?” He asked with a very concerned voice. I just cried. He just held me and let me cry. I was so upset. I didn’t know what I was thinking I’m just glad Taeil saved me. “Ya! What the hell is going on here??” It was Kyung. Taeil just explained because I was too busy crying. “Come on we’ll take you home. Kyung has always been protective of me. He walks in front of me and Taeil stays by my side. When we arrived U-Kwon was there with his stuff packed. “We’re over Coreena.” He said and he just walked out. I fell to floor crying. Kyung and Taeil just hugged me and let me cry even more. I cried so much I fell asleep on them. “Let’s spend the night with her.” Taeil suggested to Kyung. “I can’t I have to do things.” Kyung replied. “Okay I’ll just stay here with her then.” Taeil said. Kyung left. ~Taeil’s POV~ I take Coreena to her bed. I cover her up. I then just sit in her chair in her bedroom and just stare at her. I never realized how beautiful she is. I found myself just smiling while looking at her. I guess since U-Kwon was dating her I wasn’t attracted to her. But, now just wow. Her skin is white as snow. Her hair is natural with light brown and some blonde in it. Her lips are thin and pink. Why haven’t I noticed this beauty of her before? I really want to kiss her but, she just literally got out of a relationship. You know what, I may never have this opportunity again. I get up bend over and kiss her. Her blue-green eyes with long eyelashes flutter open. She sees it’s me and gets red as a strawberry. She doesn’t pull away though. She kisses me back and my heart skips a beat until we get done. We don’t say anything I get in her bed with her and wrap my arms around her and pull her close and we both drift off to sleep. (End of Chapter 3 is this any good??) @Jiyongixoxo@thepinkprincess@AimeeH

Hello, my name is Coreena. I'm 19. I'm a vegetarian. I am into Anime, Kpop, Video Games, Marvel and DC comics, Kdramas, Jpop, Jrock, Asian Culture and Action Movies. Animal lover. I love Asian men too xD
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