Shopping App Category Now Available For iOS Users

Tis' the season. Well, almost.

This year flew and the most wonderful time of the year is near. Which means crowded malls, wrapping gifts and receiving fruit cake from your next door neighbor. But who wants to have to deal with that yet another year? *crickets* My point exactly and the great news is, you don't have to. It's seldom that Apple doesn't show and prove and what better time to do so than around the holiday's? No need to rush to the store during Black Friday to jump start your holiday shopping because Apple is launching an app that will do all the shopping for you -- well, in a way. Available today [November 5], the shopping section on iOS products will allow you to shop some amazing deals and e-commerce via some of your favorite stores. These stores include, but are not limited to Target, Etsy, Amazon, Groupon and Living Social. So, kick up your feet and relax. The malls can wait, jump start your shopping venture using your Apple products and you'll never have to worry about a long line again.

Will you be giving this shopping app a try?

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