16 Things All Former Emo Kids Remember

Yeah, we wore a lot of black, but we weren't goth!

Being an emo kid wasn't easy. Constantly made fun of, ostracized and branded as "cultish" or "goth", we towed the line that generation X left behind. Hot off the heels of a new wave punk explosion, emo kids ruled the scene.

1. That feeling when a new My Chemical Romance album came out.

Honestly, they're still one of my favorite bands, and I don't consider them emo, but they were Gods to us. I can't imagine living out middle and high school without this band.

2. Jelly bracelets.

We didn't know what they meant and we didn't care. All we knew was that they looked hella cool with our band T's.

3. Collecting band T shirts.

If you went to a concert your shirt was your medal. If you didn't buy a shirt, you didn't go. It's like "Insta, or it didn't happen" but for cooler people.

4. Dying the shit out of your hair.

My hair is fried to all hell because of some of my early mistakes. I dyed my hair green for God's sake. Enjoy this photo of 16 year old me with William Beckett and Adam Siska of The Academy Is...yeah. My hair was messed up.

5. Buying every edition of your favorite band's albums.

OKAY I NEED THE US, UK AND JAPANESE versions because there's different bonus tracks.


6. Wearing out your favorite pair of skinny jeans.

It's not a good pair of skinny jeans without the worn out knees and holes everywhere. It's tough being an emo kid.

7. Rocking that thick, Billie Joe Armstrong eyeliner.

Hey! I still do sometimes. Nothing was better than showing up to school with your fierce raccoon eyes.

8. Buying every issue of Alternative Press because some small photo of your favorite band could be hiding within its pages.

Seriously, Gerard Way could be in there. I can't miss it!

9. Screaming the lyrics to Make Damn Sure by Taking Back Sunday every chance you could get.

Because there's nothing better than a bunch of angry, spiteful, pissed-off teenagers.

10. All black everything with little pops of neon.

I wasn't this brand of emo, but I knew of it. Kind of the pastel goth style of

11. Converse tennies were the ultimate shoe.

If you didn't have a couple pairs of these, you weren't shit.

12. Defending your "scene".

I wasn't technically an "emo" kid, more of a punk kid, but I still had to defend my favorite bands. God forbid someone try to shit on Fall Out Boy, Green Day or MCR. I was out swinging.

13. Saving up all your money to buy merch.

Asking for a new band T shirt for Christmas every year was pretty annoying to everyone, so you just had to start buying things yourself.

14. Taking pictures with your favorite rock stars.

Whether it's at the Merch tent at warped or their table at the House of Blues, you tracked them down and got that memory. Here's a picture of me with Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship. I was 14. Thanks, bye.

15. Skipping school to go to concerts.

Here's me as a 15 year old. We were front row for the Believers Never Die Part II tour, the last FOB tour before the hiatus. Thank God they're back.

16. Starting your own bands.

The bands we listened to inspired us to make music ourselves. Whether we were good or not didn't matter, just the idea of being similar to our heroes was enough.

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