Day 4 Fairy Tail Challenge

I have missed the passed three days of this but... I really like Fairy Tail! so for my favorite celestial spirit I summon....


(Loke) Leo the lion! leader of the 12 golden zodiac keys.

talk about transformation friday! lol I really did not like him much in the beginning of the series but as time (episodes) passed I began to like him more.


he is super cool and very powerful! he is a great friend, loyal, sweet, calm and cool at the same time.


" fourth ranked as The Wizard I'd Like To Be My Boyfriend Rankings of the Sorcerer Magazine" lol I remember when he was all down thinking he was going to die, that was so sad! I think that's when I got to know him better as a character and after all the sacrifices that were made he became very likeable to me.

my favorite celestial spirit

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