First Look at Alice Through The Looking Glass Made Me Wish I Never Changed

Disney's Alice Through The Looking Glass got a "first look" trailer recently and, well, who exactly was asking for this? Okay, maybe that was a little harsh. But I don't think anyone really remembers the Alice in Wonderland movie that preceded this one. I guess, I sort of remember it. But not really.

While I watched this trailer I remembered a former partner and how we used to rent movies every other day in the Summer. I remember not wanting to rent this movie but eventually giving in because there weren't any new selections at the time. So as soon as we got home, I had a frown pasted on my face as I popped the DVD into the player.

About thirty minutes into the movie she had fallen asleep. And I was awake, eyes glued to the television. I felt engaged and ready to take this weird ride into Wonderland as adapted by Tim Burton or whoever was in charge of this weird childhood acid-trip. I remember finishing the movie and talking to my partner about how I actually enjoyed it.

They made fun of me. Which is what you do to a person who is so adamantly against something they don't know if they will or will not enjoy because they have not experienced it just yet. I remember feeling embarrassed that I liked this movie so I tucked that piece of information away as fast as I could.

They didn't come back until I saw the trailer again and well, I'm kind of surprised that I'm not as into this one as I was the previous movie.

The narrative of the film seems to surround Alice returning to Wonderland to rescue the Mad Hatter from some sort of Sasha Baron Cohen character that was left on his cutting room floor. Which is okay, I guess. I know I'm coming down a little hard on this movie and its existence, so I'm sorry, maybe.

I don't think I'm a part of this movie's target audience. I think that's okay too. Or maybe it isn't. Maybe in my age and anger I've found a way to hate things I used to really like. I mean, anything Disney (ASIDE FROM STAR WARS) puts out that's live-action seems to leave a weird taste in my mouth when I see any adverts for it, whether it be a movie or television show.

Maybe that's a part of growing up. Maybe losing bits and pieces of your past self is what makes you a better person for tomorrow. But even though I'm telling myself I'm getting better it feels like I'm only getting more and more bitter. More and more cynical. And I don't find myself feeling sad as much anymore, I feel myself becoming sadness. And when I watch trailers like this one, that are meant to be pleasurable and enjoyable, I find myself falling deeper and deeper into that hole of cynicism.

Alice Through The Looking Glass will be in theaters on May 27th, 2016.

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