Be My Bridesmaid!

Love this off the rack card that you can give to your prospective bridesmaid(s). The front of the card reads in gold foil, "you have no choice but to be my bridesmaid." How awesome is that? And of course, it comes with an envelope in a really beautiful shade of pink.

Considering that these types of cards can cost up to $10 each, which is hard to stomach, I would like to point you in the direction of doing this yourself:

click here for ideas

2. On the right side of the page, create a fun saying, like what you see above in black.

3. Have your local print shop print these on white cardstock using their black toner printer.

4. Using your favorite reactive foil in gold (or any other color you prefer), cut out enough to cover the message.

5. One at a time, sandwich the cardstock (covered with reactive foil) with two regular sheets of blank paper.

6. Carefully send each sandwich through a hot laminator set on 5mil.

7. Discard the sheets of paper and peel off the reactive foil.

And what would this cost you?

1 pack of envelopes: $5

5 printed sheets: $3

1 roll reactive foil: $6

Total: $14

Not only are you saving a ton of money but this method means you would have enough reactive foil to make your invitations, menus, and other printed items for your wedding!

NOTE: For this to work, you must use toner based printers--NOT INK JET. Laserjet printers typically use wet ink. Toner is dry and never expires.

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