Top 5 Shounen/Action Anime You Need to be Watching

Owari no Seraph: Owaranai Seraph

This is the second season to Owari no Seraph. The story goes that the human population have been destroyed except those who've made a magical contract with demons to protect their settlement. Other humans that have survived were being sheltered by vampires. In exchange for their lives, they feed them blood. Our protagonist escapes the confines of the vampire lair to seek help from the world above. But little did he know that the world was already doomed and inhabited by demons. He joins an imperial army in order to take revenge for the death of his fellow orphans whom were killed by the vampires.

God Eater

Strange monsters, that go by Aragami, are destroying the world. The main protagonist wants nothing but to relinquish the world of Aragami. He's partnered with a couple people who also want to see the monsters destroyed, and so they go into their high intensity training against the God Eaters.

Dragon Ball Super

You know Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Sadly enough, Dragon Ball GT is no longer cannon. But truthfully, this anime has a lot going for it. Where DBZ seemed to lack the innovative story of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super seems to be the point between both Dragon Ball and DBZ come together. So far, there are 17 episodes, and I love where they're going with the series. I do hope that this arc will have amazing story and epic fight scenes.

Shokugeki No Souma

FOOD WARS! I don't even know where to begin. This is fan service done right! Basically a boy that hasn't won a single cooking battle against his father, has the drive to one day surpass him. They work at a small Japanese restaurant. His father leaves town and sends his son to a cooking academy where only pristine and high quality students want to be the best chefs of the world. He's considered the underdog among his colleagues, but he's also chopping away at the top of the academy due to his amazing cooking skills and orgasmic, clothes ripping, mouth watering dishes.

One Punch Man

If you thought Superman was badass, this guy will knock your socks off and kill you in the process. This anime is just brilliant. He's basically a superhero for fun. After he got fired from his previous job, he took on being a superhero as a profession. After 3 years of intense training, he managed to become THE MOST OP CHARACTER in all of anime! He's lazy at times and doesn't really care too much for fighting, due to the fact that his opponents die after just one punch. So he doesn't get much excitement in a fight. Aside from One Punch Man, the other characters that follow him or live to tell the tale, are full of bravado and badassery. Check this anime out. It has beautiful action sequences, imagery and story. It's also super hilarious.

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