Amber FF [Continued]

I awoke to the feeling of a petite body against my own. I peeked own eye open and Melanie's naturally Red hair came into view. I ran my fingers through her hair, and she unconsciously moved closer to me nudging her nose into my neck. Her soft breathing tickling my neck, and I tried not to burst out laughing. I looked past her and raised my head a little bit and I saw Amber asleep. Her arm was around Melanies' waist and her messy bed hair was everywhere, yet she still managed to look good and very cute. I sigh happily thinking of how lucky I am and minutes later, I fell back asleep. ~~~ "She looks adorable." "You call that adorable? She looks like a unicorn threw up on her." "That's not true! I mean, it's kinda true... but she still looks good." "Sweety, I look good." "Well you are her sister so.." I moved my head a bit, opening my eyes and was met with two faces with their derp smiles. They were as if trying to stiffle their laughs as they stared at me. "What did you guys do-" I sat up and looked down on the blanket and I saw all sorts of makeup products scattered everywhere. I looked back up at them, then back down. I touched my face and looked at my hand, it was glittery. I jumped out of bed as I heard them burst out laughing while I ran to the restroom for the nearest mirror. I screamed when I saw my reflection in the mirror. I'm no makeup expert, but I'm pretty sure there isn't supposed to be eye shadow as lipstick and eyeliner as lip liner. Where did they even get this from? I ran back to the room and when I didn't find them I first decided to take a shower. I picked out a black spaghetti strapped shirt and green short shorts. ~ After the shower I headed to Melanie's room to roast Amber and Melanie. I went downstairs and was about to cross the kitchen when I looked at the table. There sat my dad and his.. girlfriend. I rolled my eyes at them and started moving my feet towards Melanie's room. "Ash." My dad spoke, "We need to talk, please go call Melanie. Its important." I kept walking. "Are you listening to me?" Kept walking. "You're my daughter. Listen to me." I stopped walking and looked at him. He was staring right back at me with his stern brown eyes. I looked at him for about ten seconds, then I rolled my eyes and walked to Melanie's room, tuning out anything he has to say about it. I opened the door and I saw gold. Not really, Just Amber holding Melanie as they read the Little Mermaid while sitting on a rocking chair. The feelings itself was gold. I smiled as Amber kept reading to an ecstatic Melanie. Amber looked up at me and patted her right leg motioning me to sit on her lap. I shook my head, not wanting to disturb anything and laid down on Melanie's bed instead. Amber finished the book and got up to put it away, carrying a sleeping Melanie with her. "Ash! Melanie!" We heard outside, the voice loud enough, it woke Melanie. Shit. I got up and Melanie ran to the door to greet her father. "Stay here, and don't worry, we'll be okay." I said looking back at a puzzled Amber. I walked out the door and went into the kitchen. I looked around and saw Melanie frozen in front of her dad and the witch. She slowly turned to me, tears about to come out, and ran into my arms. Her tears turned into sobs and her small body started shaking slightly. I glared at the two as they just watched us, and carried Melanie to the table. I pulled out the chair farthest from them and sat down with Melanie on my lap and crying onto my neck and I looked up to them. "You have us here, now what do you want?" I said. "We want to start all over again, like a regular fami-" "Don't even finish that thought. Start again? I'd love to. With someone like her-" I eyed Rita and then looked back at my dad. "No, thank you. I'd rather be fatherless if you're going to bring this woman here." Melanie has stopped crying now. "You just need to forgive and forget." I was fuming by this point. "Forgive and forget? Is this what this is? Just forgive this thing you brought home? And forget This thing that drove my mother insane? That you helped as well? Is this the case?" I said. I opened my mouth again but a smaller voice beat me to it. "F-Forgive and forget... s-sounds too hard f-for something that we h-have lived with our l-lives. F-forgetting my mother.. is impossible. Forgiving y-you... is not p-posible. Forgiving her... is possible, because she has always been there for us and maybe if you would have been there she would have still been here.. Forgetting you... is possible because you were... never... there..." Melanie said. I looked down on her and saw no emotion in her eyes. Just hurt. "Melanie, you don't have to say thi-" "My new mothers are Ash and Amber. Even though I just met Amber she has made me laugh and smile and shows more care than you have." I looked at my father and saw him mad. In the corner of my eye I saw someone standing in the shadows of Melanie's door. I smiled out of embarrassment. "Well guess what? If you guys can't get along with Rita, you're both going into Foster care." My eyes widened at this. I glared at Rita who decided to raise her head up. "Melanie, cover your ears. Leave this house? Do you realize that while you're whoring around I am using MY college funds to pay for this fucking house! A 17 year old is paying for a house since she was 16. A whole year with us only seeing you three fucking times and when you finally decide to come back you threaten to remove us from the house? If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't even step into this house. If anyone is leaving it's you. Case closed. Pack your things and leave." I stood up with Melanie still in my arms and started walking away. "You're not of age. You still have until your 18th birthday so you have to wait." He said. I stopped and looked back at him. "Its possible. You were planning on kicking us out anyways." I started moving again. "You're not going to have anyone to take care of you." He said. "She has me." Someone else said.

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