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Okay... I love, LOVE The Little Mermaid. Ariel is my all time crush, I love the sound track, and I know every song by heart. And, I used to know every monologue and dialogue in the movie haha That being said, no. I'm a fan of Ms. Moretz, but I don't see her being a good Ariel.

Say hello to Jessica Vill. An absolutely BEAUTIFUL, young woman who enjoys cosplay. Who is a near perfect Ariel. And who has a gorgeous voice. She basically embodies Ariel, more than anybody I can think of, or have seen. What are your thoughts? Is Chloë a good choice? If not, Who do you think would be great in the position? And while we're at it, who's your favorite Disney Princess? (Ariel reigns supreme for me, followed by Jasmine <3)

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