Melon Music Awards Recap ☆


Yes, you heard right! If you didn't watch Melon Music Awards yesterday no need to worry I will have some information on my favorites from last night! & if you did watch it *high five* to the sleepless night! Lol I will also have some translation of what members said yesterday! I hope you enjoy this card!! I will be talking about Big Bang, Monsta X, BTS, and Mad Clown so stick around VIPs, Monbebes, ARMYs, and Mad Clown fans! ♡

Big Bang

4 awardsbigbang.translate

Does Seungri's speech sound familiar? haha And who provoked that you may ask, no one other than GD haha (Look what your man did@Jiyongixoxo Lol)

Monsta X




▪ Received Best Dance Male Award ▪ Had a really dope (not the song) performance! ▪ Why aren't they nominated and(not winning more awards? They have the fans and the talent! So what's happening! *Check out there AMAZING performance down below*


Mad Clown

▪ Received Best Rap/Hip-hop Award! (Aah that cheeser though when he won the award!! ♡) ☆Fun Fact: Mad Clown was the one that got me back into Korean music with his rapping. *Please support Mad Clown he's great!! (Even though he can't freestyle -_- lol)*

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