Malice Alice

Creepypasta by me!

"Alice!" The girl flinched as her abusive uncle slammed a fist down on the table. "How many times do just have to tell you to forget the boy?" "I'm sorry, Uncle." "No you're not!" He slapped her pale face, leaving an angry red print on her flawless skin. "Now go to your room! I have things to discuss with your nephew." Alice complied, noting the strange look in his eyes when he mentioned his young son. "Pedophile." She muttered. Late that night, Alice snuck out. She dropped onto the ground from her second floor window silently and padded along the dirt path into the woods. "Are you there?" She asked. No answer. She was about to give up when someone snuck up behind her. The person put his hands on her shoulders. "I thought you wouldn't come." "And why would you think that?" She gasped. Whirling around, the face before her wasn't the one she was used to seeing. Usually it was Jeff or Slender, but this was a new person. "Who are you?" He smiled, his form changing. "Why, I'm your dear cousin." "Drake? Why are you doing this?" The young child drew a long knife. "Daddy wants me to kill you. After I do that, I will die. He hurts me so much, all the time. Don't you want to leave this place?" Alice trembled in the cool air. "You don't have to do this. Your father isn't right. What he does isn't right." "I know. That's why we're leaving. Together." And Drake tackled his cousin, slitting her throat. "Bye bye." She choked on her own blood, and her blue eyes rolled back in their sockets, closing. Drake then stabbed himself in the heart, his small frame collapsing instantly.


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