Resisting Junk Food

Hey everyone! I have finally returned to vingle! So, I wanted to make this card for everyone that has tried to give up on junk food in the past, but just can't seem to do it. Personally, I have a very fast metabolism. I've always been underweight. Although, my family has a history of getting chubbier when their older. What makes me different from them? I got rid of the junk food diet a long time ago.

WHAT TO THINK ABOUT JUNK FOOD One of the things I do is imagine junk food looks extremely unappetizing. It took me a while to imagine this, but eventually I did. And it worked. Ex: You stop by a cafeteria at your school/workplace, and they're serving chips as a side for your food. They're not healthy in any way, shape, or form. Your friends/co-workers are all getting chips. If you don't get chips, you get broccoli by itself as a side. You should always decide on the broccoli. Even if you think broccoli looks bad now, just think about this: broccoli looks fresh, while unhealthy chips are suffocating.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT CRAVINGS This is what I do whenever I crave something unhealthy: I go into my kitchen, and I eat a couple of grapes. Grapes are healthy, refreshing, and full of water. Find a food that you find filling, but healthy too. When I don't have grapes, I'll eat carrots. WHEN YOU'RE AT SCHOOL/WORK I know how it feels. You go to eat lunch, you take one look at some unhealthy food, and you crack like a peanut. To fight this, try to take your lunch, especially if you're still in school. If you can't take your lunch, try to find something to eat in the cafeteria that's actually healthy, and it's good to eat. As soon as you get a craving for some of those delicious chips or cookies right before lunch, switch your brain to that other food.

DON'T EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING BUT WATER BEFORE BED Just a tip: eating or drink anything but water before bed is like killing your stomach slowly. You'll probably feel extremely fatigued in the morning if you do this.

These are just some things I do to avoid eating junk food. If you do anything else I didn't put on this list, please post a comment! If you have any questions, let me know!

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