100 days of anime challenge Day 5

Question today is..... What anime are you ashamed that you enjoyed? Okay so I wasn't particular fond of doing this one, only cause the anime that came to mind for this is a bit embarrassing and just...lacks a lot. It took me a long time to understand why I enjoyed it even though it didn't have what I usually like. It lacked character development, story development and the main heroine made me cringe on more than one occasion. I just could not understand why I liked it so much. That is, until a friend of mine wanted to watch it and knowing I've seen it already bribed me with Pizza and pocky so I'd watch with her and came to the same point. So what anime is this that makes me duck my head whenever I have to admit I liked it?

Uta no prince sama. *groan* This anime has all your classic cliches. You have the air headed heroine who can do no wrong, everyone wants her in some way and is constantly falling over so someone can save her. Throw in the upbeat dere guy, a playboy, a overly serious type, a natural air head, gender challenge pretty boy, a secret cursed prince, a I-hate-you-turned-I-like-you-now counter part and a high school setting and a few tragic backstories and you have this anime. This show uses so many cliches and tropes you can make a game out of it. (Use your imagination as to how) Now the animation is very pretty, the character designs are actually good and the plot could have been forgivable if they didn't rely so heavily on cliches and make up face palm or groan when ever they turn up the cheese. So why did I enjoy this anime so much? With all that against it, what could have made me like this so much. Simple really.

The music and the cute guys. If there is anything that can catch me into an anime, it is the music. Good openings, endings, filler, character songs, I am one of those people who hunts down sound tracks at obscure little shops, flea markets and conventions. Music is my obsession and anime has some of the most beautiful and diverse out there. This anime had a lot of awesome music. The song above is what made me watch the anime and I sat through three seasons just to see it. Three. Seasons. Because I wanted to see it in sequence.

The music is beautiful and there are points where the music and the animation just are wonderful. I liked this opening. And the individual character songs are great and diverse and just make you feel good. There is a song every episode so if you can stand it, truck through or just fast-forward and listen to the music. Its even touched on in the anime that the music has a "happy pulse" to it and for me it does.

Plus the guys are cute. They remind me of the 90s when boy bands were all the rage and did choreographed dance segments. I think this still does happen in asia. It isn't hard to see why it is such an anime is popular. Plus with all ths cds, games (which is up to 6 games now) and what not, its a good fluffy escape. And who doesn't want a bit of that? So now that this is done, I'm going to go listen to my uta no prince sama playlsit now.

Hmm...what to tell? I'm a anime loving, tea drinking, gothy mad hatter that has a penchant for both cute and creepy things. I love the written word in all its whimsical ways. I love a good story and can tell one as well. Enjoy your day and your time on my page.
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