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The TARDIS' engine finally stilled in front of Dean's car. Sam gets out to investigate the blue police box that is blocking their path. "The fuck is this doing here and where did it come from?" exclaimes Dean and he runs up to it. Just as he was about to forcefully open the door, when a man with grey hair, a blue coat with red lining the inside, and a wild look in his eyes opens the door and looks around. "Are you two the Winchester brothers? " he asked in a Scottish accent. Sam -bewildered- nods his head and Dean tilts his head in question. "Good, get in." the grey haired man said. "Why?" Dean asked. The man shot him a glare. "Cause the world needs your help. Now get inside and help me. I'm the Doctor by the way." said the Grey haired man. Sam looked at Dean and went inside. Dean scoffed and followed his little brother. "Holy shit..." Sam said under his breath. The police box was a lot bigger on the inside. "What is this?" asked Dean. The Doctor gave a smile and flicked a switch. The police box's center was a control panal with the engine underneath. It gave a whir noise and shook violently. Sam and Dean hung onto the rail nearby. "This is called a TARDIS. Time and Relative Dimension in Space. We need one more person and then we'll go back for your car." said the Doctor. Once it settled. Dean let go of the railing and walked outside into a busy sidewalk. Sam and the Doctor followed behind him. "Okay, why are we here and where are we?" demanded Dean. Sam look at the Doctor for an answer. "London, England. Your time time. Ah, 221 Baker Street." he said walking towards a door next to a café. He opened the door and walked up the stairs with the Winchesters following. What else could they do in London when they couldn't get home? Gun shots fired as the Doctor opened the door. There inside the little flat was a tall pale man with dark curls and stunning ice blue eyes. He gave a look at the group and went back firing his gun until the magazine was empty. "Are you clients?" he asked. Dean raised his brow as Sam mimicked his face unknowingly. "I'm the Doctor, Mr. Holmes. Yes, we have a case, but you'll be working with us." said the Doctor. Sherlock stood and got into Dean's face. Dean felt tense and ready to knee Sherlock's gut. Then Sherlock got up into the Doctor's face and took in everybit of information he could deduce. "I'm listening." he said sitting himself on a leather chair. Doctor smiled and sat in the opposite chair. "I need help fighting some enemies." he began. "Those enemies would not be of Earth. Your heart beat is irregular. Four beats per minute and not two like a normal man. You have sunglasses with technology that aren't even of Earth. They do not have a brand label, nor do they look hand made. What are you?" Sherlock said. The Doctor smiled and leaned close. "I need help with Weepings Angels, Daleks, and an old enemy. You would know him as Jim." he said."Weeping Angels? We don't hunt angels." Dean interrupted. "Weeping Angels are assassins that feed off of potential energy by putting someone, say from this time line, into the past. Killers that kill nicely. They are an alien race and not actual angels. Actual angels don't exsist." the Doctor explained. Sam stepped forward. A look of shock and curiosity grew in his eyes. "Aliens?" he questioned. Doctor smiled and hushed Sherlock before he could even speak by raising a finger. That didn't happen often for the consulting detective. "Aliens aren't real, but angels are. We know one." Dean defended. They spent an hour fighting about aliens and angels. What was real and unreal. Sherlock and Sam got a kick out of it and began debating the chances on who was right. "Okay, just shut up!" yelled Sherlock. Sam took a step back and raised his hands up looking innocent of a wrong. Sherlock held his head and thought. "Doctor, from what I can tell, you are an alien with two hearts. Your eyes carry longing and a library of wisdom. What if angels do exist, but in another dimension?" Sherlock asked. The Doctor laughed and adjusted his coat. "Where did you think these two came from?" he jokingly asked. Sam and Dean looked at each other. Sam took note on Dean's face. His brother looked like he was going to kill the Doctor. "What?! We're in another dimension?!" yelled Dean. Sam held his brother back before Dean could take out his pistol. The Doctor gave a coy smile. "Why do you think aliens exist where I come from?" he rhetorically asked. Sherlock went into the kitchen and came back a few minutes later with a cup of tea and gave it to Dean. "Only I can have outrageous outburts in my home." stated Sherlock as Dean took the cup and gave it to Sam. Screams and shrieks came from outside and all the men crowded around the one tiny window. "EXTERMINATE! FIND THE DOCTOR!" yelled, what Dean and Sam thought was an unusually shaped large can with a toilet plunger and a whisk as arms with light bulb ears and a stalked eye like a bug. Sherlock bolted out the door and followed the moving cans. "Sherlock Holmes, get back here and don't be the cat that got killed by curiosity!" the Doctor yelled at him and chased him out the flat. Sam and Dean took out their pistols and ran after them. “Doc, what are these?" Sam asked. The Doctor had Sherlock in a headlock as Sherlock made what seemed to be cursed in another language. "Those are Daleks. Enemy number 1." he explained. Sherlock got out of the headlock. He stood tall and glare at the Doctor for the headlock. "Sherlock!!" someone yelled. A small man, about Dean's height, was running to them. Sherlock grabbed the man and shoved him to the ground and dropped himself. The others followed his lead and dropped. Beams of light came from all around. Daleks began surrounding them. "Exterminate the Doctor and his companions!" shouted one. The other Daleks came around a started chanting 'exterminate'. "John, what are you doing here?" demanded Sherlock. "I saw the news and ran over from the store. I didn't want to see you dead. " John replied. Dean made a face and was about to ask something when John cut him off. "I'm not gay, I have a wife. Sherlock and I are friends." John said. The Doctor stood up. Sam yanked him down. "The hell you think you're doing, Doc?" he questioned. The Doctor glared in Sam's face. "Because, I have an idea." he spat and ran off. "Look, I'm a huge distraction!" he yelled as he ran off away from Baker Street. "The bloody Hell is he doing?" exclaimed Sherlock as he and John ran after him. The Daleks chased them as Sam and Dean fired their guns until the magazines were empty. "What now?" asked Sam. Something boomed towards them. "Take the Doctor's allies. Eliminate threats." commanded a giant Dalek. CHAPTER 2 "Take the Doctor's allies. Eliminate threats." commanded a huge Dalek. "Holy shit...." Dean gasped and started running. Sam stumbled but managed to catch up. They ran as fast as their feet could carry them but were soon surrounded. Dean saw Sherlock and John being surrounded by other Daleks. The Doctor was no where to be seen. The four ended up marching into glass cells. Dean's pride shrunk drastically and Sam was as curious as a child with a new toy. Wanting to know what each button did and how it works. John was looking for ways to free everyone and help destroy the canned aliens. Sherlock curled up in a corner deep in his mind palace. "Everyone, shut up!" he shouted, "Especially you, Dean. You're annoying." Dean scoffed and looked offended and Sam turned him around. Daleks guarded them around the clock as hours passed. Sherlock hummed and moved his hands as if he were moving objects in the air. Sam looked him skeptically and wondered if this curly haired man was insane. "John, ask them if we can have tea." Sherlock finally said. John turned around and cocked his head the to the left. "Are you insane? Tea?" Dean angerily said as he turned back around. "Silence! The Dalek Supreme will have you all exterminated if you do not comply with our orders!" a Dalek guard shouted. John cleared his throat and walked to the cell's front side. "Um, *ahem*, excuse me?" he said, "Do you mind getting us some tea or water?" The Dalek spun around and examined the short man by moving its eye stalk up and down. "Tea?" it questioned. Dean groaned and stepped toward the front of his cell. "It's a British thing. I'll take a beer." he said. Sam gave an annoyed look at his brother. "You know that's kind of offensive. Not all of us British drink tea. Some would prefer water or soda." John said. Dean gave him an aggressive look and walked off. "This situation is bad as it is and you two ask for damn tea! What the hell kind of rescue is that?!" he shouted. The Dalek turned toward the Winchester cell. "SILENCE!" it ordered. Sam and Dean didn't listen as they argued to and fro. The Dalek shouted more and more at the two brothers. "EVERYONE SHUT UP!" screamed Sherlock. Everyone went silent. Even the Dalek. It slowly left the cell room as Sherlock gave it an icey stare. Another Dalek took the previous one's place and was silent. Sherlock went to his mind palace once more as John got the two Winchesters to not argue. "Allons-y, Donna!" yelled another British or Scottish voice. Dean couldn't care where this new man came from. The Dalek shouted "EXTERMINATE!" as he fired a brught blue beam. A redhead woman and a gelled haired man in a suit and red converse cane through and managed to get the Dalek to shrink. "Thank you, Scott." said the new man. "Ello, I'm the Doctor. This is Donna." he said as he opened the cages with a whirring device with a blue beam. CHAPTER 3 (in progress. sorry school work and my own personal project) -I would love reviews on this.

Hi, I am Poltergeist28, but you can call me Polter or Ghost for short. I am a huge Marvel fangirl and Doctor Who fangirl. I'm planning on being an author when im older so posting fanfics and getting reviews can help with my writing skills and see what people like and dont like. Allons-y and Avengers Assemble!
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