People are Making a 1:1 Scale Vienna in Minecraft

Minecraft is known for a lot of things. Maybe you know about it because your little brother or sister play it and they keep trying to make that pixel-art Pikachu but they're kind of terrible so they never finish. Maybe you've only heard of it because there are thousands and thousands of people playing it on YouTube. Or maybe you play it yourself.


I think one of the best things about this project is that they're really pushing the limits of Minecraft. I don't think anyone's made a 1:1 scale of a city in the game before and if they complete it, they might be the first. The best thing about Minecraft is that there isn't really any real objective to the game. The objective is intrinsic to the player which is why I think it's so popular.

There are groups that want to reach The End and then there are groups like MCVienna who just want to build a city, maybe to see if it can be done. Then there's people like me who play the game to make little houses and live inside them and pretend my life isn't as hard as it actually is. You know, to get away from my problems of not living a fulfilling life. Little Minecraft cabins make me forget that I basically majored in minimum wage (film) and unemployment (English). Ahh, Minecraft, I love you. Please don't leave me.

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